Many champions will be tweaked in this new version of League of Legends

After the latest changes in the previous update League of Legends and with the arrival of Qiyana, the empress of the elements, Riot Games has released a new patch where will adjust to many champions.

Beyond these changes there is nothing, not counting the new skins of the thematic project that will come from 1 of August and the withdrawal of the course of legacy.


Among the highlights are the first adjustments to Qiyana. Your E no longer damages enemies out of its range and the cooling of the ultimate counts as progression.

Other small changes are the Sorakathat increases your damage with Q, Syndra or Lucian they see increased the damage of the R in the late or Xerath, which will have a scope fixed on his ultimate.

They also highlight Lissandra; increases the growth of the life and life maximum and the R increases the power of a 60% to 75%.

Finally, we will mention to Gallium, which your cooldown reduction applies to the cooling of the passive and increases your damage. Also increases the damage of your E. If you want to see all the changes we recommend to give a look to the notes the official patch.


In this version have been added to the skins project Pyke, Irelia (with a version of prestige), Jinx, Akali, and Warwick.

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