Patch notes 10.9 of League of Legend: UPDATE [28/04/2020 21:18]

Patch 10.9 League of Legends

These are the major changes of the patch 10.9 of League of Legends

The Sheet Crimson will cost you 1100 to 1000 (the recipe), and the attack damage goes from 50 to 55.

Wukong: their armor goes from 34 to 31, your Q goes from 30-130 damage to 20-120. Your clone goes to make 40%-60% damage to do 35%-55%.

Karthus: your movement speed goes from 335 to 325.

Trundle: his final passes have 100-60 seconds of CD to 120-80.

Bard: his W passes give 50% mobility bonus to 30%, and the cooling goes from 12 seconds to 14. The CD of his E goes from 18-14 to 22-16.

Nami: your life base goes from 489.32 to 475, your base mana goes from 377.24 to 365, and the movement of your passive goes from 60 to 45.

Kayn: the CD of his Q passes 7-5 to 6-4, and the extra damage from the Q is also applied to subjects. Your W now slows down to 90% instead of 70%.

Lissandra: The CD of his Q goes from 10-4 to 8-4.

Fiddle Support: Your And goes of to do 70-190 damage to make 70-210.

Quinn: The effect of the Q will last for 1.75 seconds instead of 1.5.

Gnar: the reduction of the CD of the Q passes from 60% to 70%. The damage of the Mega And goes out of 50-190 to 80-220.

Cho’gath: Your And goes of to do 22-70 of damage to 22-82.

Additional changes in ARAM

Enhancements in version 10.9

Nocturne +8% damage and -8 % damage received +10% damage dealt and -10 % damage received.

Zed +5% damage inflicted +5% damage done and -5 % damage received.

Impairments of the version 10.9

Gallium Normal +5% damage received.

Urgot Normal -5 % of damage dealt.

Xin Zhao -5 % damage received. Normal

1. To see the complete list of icons that you can get with each box, have a look at the description of the object.

2. When purchasing a mystery box icon champion, will now appear in the tab of craftsmanship hextech (in the same that you have your fragments of appearance, prestige points and symbols of the events).

3. If you receive an icon that you already have in a property, you can desencantarlo to receive a full refund of the cost of essences blue.

ORIGINAL NEWS: As usual, before departure to your server “live” patches, the rioter Mark Yetter publishes a list of the first changes that will bring the same. In this case has not been different, and Yetter has already published the preliminary list of changes for the next patch to 10.9. For the moment, we only know the champions, items and systems that will have changes, but so far have not finalized the details.

Novelties and changes of the patch 10.9

Changes in the systems

● One of the objects in a new League of Legends, la sheet of scarlet, will be improved in this next 10.9.

Nerfs to champions

These champions are still powerful in some ELOs different.

● Wukong is very strong in the jungle in ELO high.

● Karthus is very powerful in high ELO.

● Trundle has a strong presence in the competitive matches.

● Bard is still very powerful among the players of high ELO.

● Nami is stronger in a rating-medium (Iron-Gold)

Buffs to champions

Have not yet buffs, since Riot says that these champions Are low-performance in general”

● Kayn

● Lissandra

● Fiddle Support

● Quinn

● Gnar

● ChoGath

Other data of the patch 10.9

This is the legend for the guide Riot to explain the nerfeos exposed above.

● Elo “Average”: Among iron and gold.

● Elo “Skilled” Between platinum and diamond 3.

● Elo’s “Elite” Between diamond 2 and challenger.

● Headings “Pro” Are the items of the professional players.

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