The patch notes 10.9 of League of Legends have arrived with few changes, but some are very interesting

The patch notes 10.9 of League of Legends the game Riot Games do not come with many changes but the few that are there stand out Quinn as a benefit the most in this patch. In addition to the skins the champions of the world FunPlus Phoenix are already available.


Quinn and Kayn have been the characters who benefit most for this version. The first because of that part of the improvement that you have received in your Q-Assault reaper the only object improved version has a lot of synergy with it. On the other hand Kayn is now several patches in a row to be improved. In this version in addition to your Q-Cutting Scythe deals more damage to minions and your W-Blade Stroke slows down more.

Buffs Nerfs
ChoGath, Fiddlestick, Gnar, Kayn, Lissandra, and Quinn Bard, Karthus, Nami, Trundle, and Wukong

Quinn buscacorazones League of Legends


Only one object has received a change this version and it is the Sheet crimson. The object will receive a improvement of 5 damage passing of 50 to 55. In addition to that your recipe will now be cheapest 100 gold. These changes benefit the above named Quinn because it’s an object that applies very well to the character.

Emporio essences

The emporium of the essences has returned and will be available until the 13th of may. During this event you will be able to use the essences blue for buy chromas, icons mysterious and even the skin Urfwick for just 150.000 essences blue.

Patch 10.9 League of Legends

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