The patch 10.7 League of Legends brings new rework of Fiddlesticks and many changes to champions.

In this patch 10.7 League of Legends there are many changes aimed at champions as well as the novelty of the rework of Fiddlestick, update we already talked about in Pl4yers.


To begin with arrive nerfeos expected to champions that had been dominated by SoloQ as Talon, Wukong, Garen or Nocturne the latter in particular in his role as midlaner.

On the other hand the bufos more interesting take Nasus with a major improvement to your W and Gallium with a change to his ultimate Entry heroic.

Buffs Nerfs
Akali, Corki, Gallium, Ivern, Kaisa, Nasus, Riven and Xin Zhao Garen, Nocturne, Talon, and Wukong


The runes in this patch only get 2 changes. These changes are delaying the obtaining of the improvement of Conditioning in 2 minutes and moreover improve Inrush Phase for champions body-to-body.

All for one

All for one is going to be available during the entire event of galaxies, this is why you will receive small changes to be more entertaining. For a party crowd of champions are improved a 5% in any feature in your most while some of these champions are Gankplang, Akali or Zoe.

In addition, only 3 champions are nerfeados to not be so abusive. These champions are Darius, Volibear and Wukong. On the other hand there are many other changes to the game in question to make the games faster, how to reduce the defenses of the plates or speed up the emergence of the Baron Nashor.

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