The latest patch of League of Legends focuses on the changes to the Upper Street


Various champions of League of Legends have been buffados or nerfeados according to the need of balance of the game, in which we highlight the changes to Kayn, Neeko, Sivir, Sona, and Bard.

Buffados Nerfeados
Ready, Serious, Kai’Sa, Kayn, Lisssandra, Neeko, Sivir, and Sona. Amumu, Bard, Blitzcrank, Ornn, Rammus and Sett


Since this patch the following skills will be launched to its maximum range according to the position of the champion in that instant if you are running with a scope higher than the one they have (the former champion is moved automatically up to the point nearest to cast it in where the player had selected).

  • E – rain Miss Fortune.
  • Q – dark Sphere of Syndra.
  • E – hail of arrows Varus.

sivir pl4yers league of legends

Changes in the Jungle

Three have been champions modified in the jungle, Darius, Mordekaiser and Poppyin such a way that these can inflict more damage to the monsters neutral, taking advantage in speed of cleaning of jungle and receive less damage, allowing you to have a greater performance and impact in the rest of the map.

Changes in the Toplane

In addition to modifying objects that directly affect the evolution of characters focused on the top line, we have also implemented changes in the rewards to the delete plates for the towers. In detail, now the plates of the towers give more gold, receive more damage from champions body-to-body and are more resistant to attack in a group.

darius league of legends pl4yers

Changes in Objects

The changes will not only reach the champions, but also to objects, which also we in nerfeados and buffados. We must be careful, as there are significant changes especially for the objects of Support.

Buffados Nerfeados
Blade of the King Ruined, Hydra Ravenous, Hydra Titanic and Boots of Speed Dagger of the Hechizero, Sickle Spectral and Boots of Mobility


In this version come the Effigies. Riot Games encourages us to record, celebrate and boast of the best moments inside and outside starting with our champion main. As well as keep track of your personal records by item. The initial series of Effigies is available for essences, and blue-series 1 is available for RP.

lol league of legends summary patch 10.5 pl4yers

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