The patch notes 10.10 League of Legends come with new skins and changes to balancing champions

The patch notes 10.10 of League of legends the well-known MOBA of Riot Games, have already arrived. This time we come with new skins of the theme Pulse of Fire and various settings of balancing multiple characters. In general terms, from the next update we will see some of the champions more veterans of the game as Annie or Sivir stronger. Others like Miss Fortune, holster pirate favorite of many, will see its power reduced. Last, but not least, it reinforces the struggle against the behaviors antideportivos and returns a favorite of the community, URF. Let’s look at the changes in more detail.


The most benefited by this new version are Soraka, Nidalee and Udyr. Soraka see the damage of your Q Invocation Stellar increased and the cost of living W Injection Atral reduced. Nidalee augmented the ratio of ability power to your Q Javalina and Udyr you will have now easier to chase their prey to the infinite, thanks to an enhancement to his movement speed base.


URF he returns this patch with new changes and adjustments balance as of the last time that we enjoy the popular game mode. In this new version of URF champions like Gangplank receive buffs interesting. In the case of the pirate triples the number of Snakes of Silver that we get in game. On the other hand, other champions will be reduced, your potential, as Yuumi that reduced even more your healing and damage capabilities.

patch 10.10 league of legends

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