Although it sounds cliché, the start of the week it gets new information related to the next patch of League of Legends.

The next update will be the 10.9, and as always, Riot Scruffy has been in charge of detail across an image, the first details of the patch.

And, despite the fact that it may seem indifferent, they have included a legend which specifies in what league is assuming a problem a champion specific.

As always stated, these are the first strokes of the patch and the information is very limited, but the coming days will detail more aspects and we will update the news.

Nerfs everywhere and characters of the jungle [Actualizado 21/04/2020]

Wukong, Karthus and Trundle are 3 champions that will receive a nerf by his power in the jungle. In fact, thanks to the legend, we can see in what league are a problem:

  • Wukong – OP ability and in divisions like Diamond 2 + and Challenger
  • Karthus – OP in Diamond 2 + and Challenger
  • Trundle – OP in the professional field

In addition to these 3 champions, Riot Games nerfeará to Bard and Nami, which indicates that they are OP in Diamond forward the first, and in general the second.

Details of the patch 10.9

It’s not all ‘bad’ news, as there will also be buffs to Kayn, Lissandra, Fiddlesticks support, Quinn, Gnar, and Cho’gath. Yes, Th3Antonio will be happy with the patch for 10.9.

On the other hand, it has also been indicated that there will be an improvement to the Sheet of Scarlet, though it has not been specified exactly how this will be the change.

When we have more information of the patch, we will updating the news for that do not remain with any detail in the inkwell.