One more week, League of Legends and TFT are updated to follow the pattern of changes already established by Riot Games and that we like to summarize.

On this occasion it is the turn of the patch to 10.5, the first of march, which, although it does not bring drastic changes to Summoner’s Rift, it does offer some modifications interesting.

Especially with respect to the line of top and the plates respect to the champions of melee, you are also in luck because objects such as the Sword of the King Ruined have been adjusted for them.

On the other hand, you also get a summary of small changes to champions such as Amumu, Kai’Sa, Ornn or Settso get comfortable and get ready to read what is coming in patch 10.5.

Summary of the patch 10.5

Changes to champions

We started reviewing the patch 10.5 with the modifications that have suffered some champions. A few, with changes that may be important, and others not so much.

  • Enlist: the life base goes from 575 to 600.
  • Blitzcrank: the armor goes from 40 to 37.
  • Amumu: cooling your ultimate: of 130/115/100 to 150/125/100 seconds.
  • Bard: additional damage every 5 bells, 15 to 12.
  • Serious: magic resistance base from 30 to 32. Growth magic resistance of 1 to 1.25.

    • Your Q passes cost 60 mana at all ranksand cooling changes: 13/12/11/10/9 to 12/11/10/9/8 seconds.
  • Kai’Sa: the Q goes from 0.4 AP to 0.25 AP. Yes, it goes from 10 to 12 missiles.

    • His W passes from 20/45/70/95/120 + 1.5 AD total and + 0.6 of AP 30/55/80/105/130 + 1.3 AD total and 0.7 AP.
    • Now has a 70 % of cooling recovered against champions, before 50 %.
  • Kayn: his passive increases from the minute 5 to 13before 8 to 12.

    • In addition, your W slows them down a 70 % now, before 60 %.
  • Lissandra: the Q scaled to 0.8 of APprior to 0.7.
  • Neeko: changes in base stats, attack speed 3 % to 3,5 %, as well as the ratio of the velocity of attack, 0,645 to 0,670.

    • Your And passes to climb from 0.4 AP to 0,6.
    • Your R changes in terms of the crest: from 50/80/110 + 0.5 AP to 75/100/125 + 0,75 AP.
  • Ornn: changes in the passive, reducing their damage boosted and increasing the level to improve an object:

    • Damage activation of brittle: it will now be 10 % – 18 % of the maximum life of the target.
    • You will need to be level 13 to improve an object.
    • Availability of objects for allies: levels 14, 15, 16 and 17 (one more than before).
  • Rammus: reduced the attack speed in relation to objects (0,656 to 0,625).
  • Sett: changes to statistics and bases your final:

    • Armor, of 37 to 33.
    • Regeneration of life, 8 to 7.
    • Growth of the regeneration of life, 0,75 0,5.
    • The slowing down of your ultimate passes 1.5 seconds to the goal with 1 second to the target.
  • Sivir: your Q does more damage; 35/50/65/80/95 + 0,7/0,85/1/1,15/1,3 AD +0.5 AP.

    • In addition, the R da 20/25/30 % speed of movement, before only 20 % at all ranks.
  • Sona: change in their base stats, you now have 49 attack damage (before 4) and more relationship of AD (2 to 3).

    • In addition, the E grants 20 % of speed of movement own instead of 10/11/12/13/14 %).

On the other hand, skills such as And of MF, the Q of Syndra or Varus receive scope changes. Now, throw all of them at the maximum range and not move the character to do this.

Finally with regard to champions, some of which Riot Games has wanted to introduce to the jungle have received something more than affection, by enhancing them to continue to integrate:

  • Darius: damage of hemorrhage against monsters: 120 % to 175 %.
  • Mordekaiser: maximum damage of rise of the darkness: from 25-110 to 28-164.
  • Poppy: damage per life maximum of impact of the hammer against targets that are not champions: from 40/60/80/100/120 to 50/80/110/140/170.

Modifications to plates and objects

For a start, the plates have been adjusted to give more gold and receive more damage from champions body-to-body, but less attacks in a group.

Changes to plates

With respect to objects, will improve some as the Blade of the King Ruined, the Hydra Ravenous or the Hydra Titanic to be more useful for champions of melee:

  • Blade of the King Ruined: the basic attacks will be a 8 % of the current life of the target for the champions at a distance and a 12 % life of the enemy for the melee.
  • Hydra Voracious: changes to statistics and radius of the active:

    • Theft of life from 12% to 18 %.
    • Radio active: 400 to 450.
    • Central point of the active: 125 distance of the user to 200 of distance.
  • Hydra Titanic: the damage of the passive increases of 5 + 1 % of the maximum life of the user 5 + 1,5 %.

    • It also changes the damage of the passive to secondary targets: 40 + 2.5% of the maximum life to 40 + 3 % the maximum life of the user.

With respect to the Dagger of the Sorcerer and the Sickle Spectral, both will need an ally close to activate the passive Tribute.

Changes to boots of mobility and speed

Finally, there are a number of changes with respect to ARAM, correction of errors and even the Effigies, so if you want to view, go to the own blog Riot Games in Spanish. Enjoy patch 10.5!