Updates in League of Legends seems to have no end, and that is that virtually every day of the week we have any news regarding the patch next.

By the way, before we get in with this patch 10.11, we leave you here a link the calendar patch 2020 of the client of League of Legends quite useful.

What we’re going. The next update will come out on the 28th of may, but Riot Games because we have dropped some of the changes that will come to the end of the month:

A few days ago, we leave you with this article in which we talked about the changes that were going to make it effective in the ADC, and are confirmed in this picture of Mark Yetter.

The ADC do they change? in the patch 10.11

And it is that are the main focus of changes, especially the objects that are built around the characters of the line bot.

Although there are some leaks about the changes, we will adhere to the image that Mark Yetter published on the evening of Monday, may 18:

Changes of the patch 10.11


  • Fervor: movement speed of 5% to 7%.
  • Dancer Spectral: movement speed of 7% to 9%,
  • Runaan: movement speed of 5% to 7%.
  • Cannon rapid fire: movement speed of 5% to 7%.
  • Statikk: movement speed of 5% to 7%.

It will take up the life base Aphelios, Ashe, Caitlyn, Draven, Ezreal, Jhin, Jinx, Kai’Sa, Kog’Maw, Miss Fortune, Sivir, Twitch, Varus, and Xayah.

  • +30 life base, and the life per level +2.


  • The damage of a critical second auto attack for the passive goes from 75% to 100%.


  • The damage of the passive of the W passes from 10-18 to 14-18% of the maximum life of the target. In addition, the cost of W is 0 mana.


  • The ratio of speed of attack goes from 0.656 to 0.679.


  • The bonus AD of the Q passes 50-70 60-80%.

In other words, both the object as some base stats of the shooters will improve, although it remains to be seen if these changes have a real impact in the role and in his way of playing it.

For example, many people, to see the changes to the Fervour or Dancer Spectral, agreed that Yasuo would be much stronger although these buff they are not directed to him, although we will have to see how they are finally making these changes.


The initial damage of the Q passes from 35-105 + 100% of AD base to 35-105 + 80% of AD base.

The mana cost of the Q passes from 30 to 40. In addition, the healing of the Q to kill it passes of 20-71 to 10-71 (depending on the level of Talon).

The damage the passing of 55-195 to 55-175.

The cooling of his And passed 16-12 to 18-14.

As in patches earlier, Riot Scruffy marks where they are strong champions, and why nerfean. Serious and Syndra considered to be strong in ‘Elite’ (this last also in healthcare), while Talon and Jannain players Skilled or Skilled.


Now will scare off the champions while castean near an effigy of yours. In addition, the passes do 40% to 60% of extra damage to the minions.

The duration of And after detonarla passes of 0.25 to 1 second.

The ratio of speed of attack goes from 0.658 to 0.69.

The damage of the Q switch of 55-215 to 60-228. In addition, the damage of the Q to minions low of 66% to 60% extra damage.

The ratio of AD of the Q goes from 35% to 40%. In addition, the range of R goes from 1500-2500 to 1500-3000.

In addition, there will come a rework of Volibeara champion that will be a success from the beginning, but will have to see how it fits to the goal and how to get the community’s changes.

That being said, as each week, we will update the news with all the novelties that we find so don’t miss out the last details of the patch 10.11 League of Legends.