The city of USHUAIA.- For people who enjoy video games for the genre online multiplayer, and sport-mail, the Municipality of Ushuaia invited to participate in the tournament League of Legends, where you will be invited Puky The meeting will begin on the 1st of June and the registration for teams are defined will be the Wednesday, may 27, through the platform

League of Legends, the proposal of the Municipality of Ushuaia, in addition to the virtual classes.

The President of the Institute of Sports, Camilo Gómez explained that “this activity is a joint work and coordination between the area of computing dependent on the Leadership of the Cabinet, the CePLA-The Palomar and Point Digital dependent of the Secretariat of Policies for Social, Health, and Human Rights, in conjunction with the Municipal Institute of Sports.”
After the pre-registration information will be sent to the person concerned, either by e-mail, whatsapp or discord about the registration on the platform battlefy and the rules and codes of conduct. On this point he stressed that “the names of the teams and participants, must be offensive and to accept the participation responds to the code of conduct”.
The competitions will take place Monday to Friday at 17 hours, with a maximum capacity of 16 teams.
The municipal official said that “we are preparing to make a major tournament for the anniversary of the city. It is a new activity that we are learning and we want to help the diffusion of this activity that has many followers of different ages”.
In addition, he recalled that since the IMD continue to the virtual classes, sports challenges, championships, among them the basketball every day at 15 hours. In a short time they will also add the chess classes in live on the page of the Municipal Institute of Sports of 20 to 21, 30 hours.
“I want to thank and highlight the work they do and the trainers from the sports and social, because in addition to being professional in moments like this predominates the human value of the team,” said Gomez.