There is No doubt from the good work of OnePlus with their flagship killers that are not already so flagship killersand that is the growth in quality the young firm from china is as remarkable as the increase in prices of its mobilesomething that we have been warning for years of a way to be unstoppable and up to 1,000 euros of the models most powerful of the family OnePlus 8.

In any case, already in our review of the OnePlus 8 Pro mentioned here is the price of excellence, and at the time of to add value to their devices it seems that OnePlus is also working at a good pace, sealing agreements as important as the one that we present you with Epic GamesIt tuned!

OnePlus announces the first experience of Fortnite to 90FPS in mobile

After the completion of the agreement and following their values “Never Settle”, OnePlus announces to us that their new OnePlus 8 will have the best experience Fortnite on a mobilewith the option of playing in the battle royale for excellence climbing up refresh rates of 90Hz, and taking advantage of the most of the power and fluidity of their terminals:

From OnePlus and Epic Games have created one of the best experiences of Fortnite for smartphones. The family OnePlus 8 offers a gaming experience in Fortnite fluid and with an increase in the frame rate that can’t even match the game consoles of today.

Pete Lau, founder and CEO of OnePlus.

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OnePlus announces the first experience of Fortnite to 90FPS in mobile

OnePlus and Epic Games bring you the first experience of Fortnite to 90FPS on a smartphone

The collaboration agreement has been announced in the press release by the OnePlus, confirming that not only of speed and fluidity are going to brag about their devices when we talk about Oxygen OS, its the customization on Android, but also when we play some of the most important titles the catalog of Google Play.

And that’s without the need of launching smartphones designed for the gaming specifically, simply taking advantage of the power of a high performance hardware coupled to the panel Fluid AMOLED, which supports refresh rates up to 120 Hz on your OnePlus 8 Pro, and up to 90 Hz on the OnePlus 8.

Said Pete Lau, the need of create game experiences of quality they had been led to this agreement that they very proud, stating that they have “the best devices for gaming thanks to the quality of your screen, a leader in the industry, fast performance and a user experience designed for a community demanding”.

OnePlus announces the first experience of Fortnite to 90FPS in mobile

For his part, the CEO of Epic Games ,Tim Sweeney, spoke of “a big step forward” after months of work between Epic and OnePlus to bring Fortnite to a higher level in Android. Not stayed there, but from Epic confirm that “play Fortnite on a device OnePlus will be an awesome experience” thanks to the performance improvements that the teams from both companies have implemented to go up to 90FPS the refreshment of the game.

And so, the family OnePlus 8 will be the first in the world to afford the luxury of run Fortnite on the graphics engine Unreal Engine up to 90FPSthe increased speed of the game on mobile platforms including iPhone and smartphones of all manufacturers that operate on Android.

In addition, it has also improved the performance of Fortnite in the family 2019 OnePlus, so that the OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro also improve the efficiency and performance of the gamealthough in your case it will be in the 60FPS limitations of the hardware. Does anyone still think that in order to play, you need a smartphone gaming designed for, specifically?

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