OnePlus, the global brand for mobile telephony, announced few days ago its partnership at the global level, with Epic Games. This association, based on technological innovation was driven by Epic Games, as well as by the desire of OnePlus to bring the game Fortnite to a higher level in Android. The family OnePlus 8, presented recently, is the first and only line of smartphones able to run Fortnite on the graphics engine Unreal Engine to 90FPS, the fastest speed never before available for this video game on a smartphone. This allows the experience of gameplay in Fortnite is superior to that of other smartphones, and closer to PC games.

As part of the partnership between OnePlus and Epic Games, both companies will present the Island’s Creative “90” on the 29th of may at 16:00 hours on direct. This new map “90”, created in conjunction with Team Evolve, will be available in the Creative Mode of Fortnite for all the players that want it can access it.

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Map “90” of the Creative Mode consisting of 5 mini-games individual, with a duration of up to 90 seconds each, focusing on speed and fluidity. Up to 16 players will have the opportunity to compete to see who is able to get more points in the course of the 5 mini-games. In addition, this new map, which will be available to players from all over the world, includes a diverse range of environments and terrain, both historical and futuristic.

These five mini games include:

  • Color Dash: located at the Gateway of India, this game puts
    test the skills of the players to color as many tiles
    as possible, while they are subjected to gravitational forces
    horizontal extreme. The players will be equipped with Pumps
    Boogie that be used to harm their opponents, as well as
    for your own benefit, tearing down the map.

  • TNT Run: this game puts to test the skills of the players
    to stay in constant motion while the ground disappears
    under their feet. The players may act strategically to
    remove the soil close to their opponents, as well as making
    traps to become the last player standing.

  • Skydive Shoutout: a true test of the capabilities in
    skydiving. This mini-game throws to the players from the ground
    up to begin a career that will earn him that is able to
    of traversing a greater number of rings in 90 seconds.

  • Target Practice: a test of accuracy. This mini game includes
    zombies that appear and disappear quickly in different places
    on the map, so players will have a few seconds to
    put into practice the target shooting.

  • Lava Escape: this game puts to test the jumping ability of the
    players, who will have to show their ability to move forward
    jumps to stay ahead of the lava that rises rapidly.

With the aim of offering the best gaming experiences in mobile phones, OnePlus has announced a special offer with which each user will get a OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z free with the purchase of the OnePlus 8. With a low latency mode and an audio experience immersive, real-time, the Bullets Wireless Z provide the user with a gaming experience without any kind of distraction.