Reaches the patch 10.11and with it the best champions that correspond with the update. In this case, first of all, it should be noted at practically all adc of the game. The improvements to the life base most of their scaling makes them best in the phase line.

patch 10.11 best champions

Summary of the patch notes | Source: Riot Games

In addition, improvements to the items of Fervor allow them to have a mid something better, so that the role receives a canister of oxygen that they needed. However, there are several shooters who receive buffos additional we will have to take a eye.

Part of the adcis a patch is fairly lightweight, since almost all of the changes revolve around the shooters. Anyway, there are some changes significant to certain champions that may be relevant.

Handles the power

·Lucian: of the best shooters of the patch. In addition, the fact of being flex makes him a better solo laner. The buff the critical second shot the passive of 75% to 100% is a huge improvement, which makes the best online. In addition, we have fixed a bug by which your second shot will not trigger if the enemy is out of range. With the Sword of the King Ruined so strong, and with this improvement to the critics, not descartéis be able to see him with other early different objects as Reaper essence.

·Kai’sa: Riot believes that it is a character which lacks a potential of the adc, to be a character that is not itemiza any object of Fervor. The latest versions we have seen of the champion makes more in an ap, so I want to change this. With the improvement the ratio of damage to his Q (0.35–>0.4) and its greater range with the R to pursue, you can return the latest version of teamfights of Kai’sa.

patch 10.11 best champions

Kai’sa can be back to your best version, AD | Source: Riot Games

·Kalista: it is even strange to see a buff with Kalista taking into account what is important that is right now the pick into the goal. Not happy with that, Riot have decided to increase the passive damage of the brand of the W 10-14 at 14-18%, so that the phase lines is still better for the exchanges.

·Fiddlesticks: other of which we explain how to continues to receive improvements. His passive takes 1 second more in be placed as an effigy, but it is the least of it. Now your Q allows you to inflict Terror while posing as an effigy. Seeing how it is the goal, you will earn even more in priority.

·Hecarim: Riot wants to give more capacity cleaning for the jungle, but if we add to this the reduced damage for the minions is presented to us a single laner more than interesting. Pick atypical in that position, but to which we have already seen on rare occasions. Good grief, and affect the rest of the lines thanks to the TP.

·Lux: we already reported that they wanted to buffar your version more supportand the changes go down that road. Now, the second activation of the And add 1 more second of slow, instead of 0.25 above. This favors a higher cc online, which makes it easier for your adc to be able to paste, and you like Lux you have more window to nail the combo.

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