We already know that Riot Games he has walked a very fine lately with the reworks. Too well, in some cases. And with Fiddlesticks it is not an exception, the character that has spammeado Elmiillor in this SoloQ Challenge it is a abuse.

With a certain amount of doubt when it was discovered the reworkhave been all clear to the little have the champion in our hands. You have been given all the factors for the upgrade of Fiddlesticks adapt perfectly to the goal and how is the game currently: best cleaning in the jungle, more sustain at the time of making camps, best vision to defend yourself from invades and control the jungle opponent, and the ability of start from fog of war. In addition, I cherish the things that made him precious as a pick: its ability to surprise. It is one of those picks, as Zacthat take advantage of the long range they have to propose initiations obviating the vision of the opponent.

Why are you so broken Fiddlesticks?

It is not surprising that both professionals as streamers have decided to opt for it. And one of them is Elmiillor, who has abused the champion together with the goal that both accompanies. The factor so differential that now the same brand experience in solo, especially in the jungle, makes powerfarmers are the order of the day. And our scarecrow shines as the star most radiant in this field.

Then, to be magic damage, has a brutal impact when it appears in the teamfights. In addition, it withstands a lot more in fights than before to have drainage in the area and make it less dependent on the Clock of sand Zhonya.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the character present a few numbers very good. Is the second jungle with greater win rate (52,52%), 3r, and 4th between all the jungles with a higher ratio of victory before the 30 minute. And the numbers of Elmiillor with him are enormous: your champion played this tournament with 122 items, a 64% win ratio and about 3 KDA.

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