I am informed by the internet, in its infinite wisdom, that in the world today are 32 countries whose government is a dictatorship. That is 26% of the population of this planet, little laugh. From there jump to another web reference for me within e-sports, EsportsEarnings, and check that there are thousands of players of authoritarian regimes is among the most successful.

China, without going any further, it is the second country that more money has been won in prizes, and egyptians, uzbeks, belarusians also have representatives notable in CS:GO, DOTA2 or even Street Fighter. In fact, the only country of the 32 that did not appear in the list is North Korea. And yesterday, for the first time that I record, a honorary member of that government spoke out on the matter.

Alejandro Cao de Benos is one of the biggest geeks of Spain in the strictest sense and is not offensive to the word: “individuals who are delivered obsessively and disproportionately to certain hobbies“. Sor peculiar hobby is neither more nor less than sympathize stoically with the government of Kim Jong-unthe dictator the more cheerful of which there are records.

It turns out that Alexander boasted inexplicably -for me- how north Korean children “played” online ” in front of a -failed – north Korean rocketevolution , apparently the infamous SCUD soviet. The play goes between quotation marks because in the monitors comes out, instead of a loading screen, Stalin: a type with many more kills in the real world that Faker in the jungle.

The Special Delegate of the Committee of Cultural Activities with Foreign Countries (taking charge) explains that take online games is typical of the chavalería of that country. And we have to believe, because it is virtually the only information that comes to us from the nation’s most opaque in the world.

By not knowing, it is not clear whether Kim Jong-un is dead, a spiritual retreat or taking a few dribbles “galactic” the Valorantyou would say David Broncano. By the way, last year went to the film set of The Resistance in an entertaining face-to-face where the Catalan language was uncovered fun and smiling as the Beloved Leader. Maybe because it was on the valentine’s day?

No one can deny one thing: Cao de Benos seems to fly a little bit of esports. The phrase “I told you not to install LOL, it is for noobs; DOTA-or-nothing” would be more fun if it didn’t come from a supporter of a dictatorship, as tocha. But who am I to put limits to humor. A dictator does notthat , for sure.

Alejandro is not going to bluff and explains that he will go to the games mature and deep, dropping to the genuine and old is simply better. “Let’s see, LOL it is a kind of secondary school, and DOTA is the university. All that is needed but the older we are inclined for something a little more serious. It’s like Minecraft or Roblox against a Empyrion, no color“. You will not hear in Karmaland…

Call me naive, but in the words of the Spanish-language north Korean I see room for a possible openness in e-sports. With what cojonudos with its neighbours below, who tells us that we are not losing a Faker of the North? How will the esports that have not succeeded in several wars, almost 80 years of conflict and countless international sanctions? What has united the LoL, which do not separate the DOTA. Alejandro, please, keep us informed.