What have you been playing on Fortnite more than 500 hours and still have not gotten a victory royale? Are you one of those that builds 4 walls and expect people to mate in order to win?

Isn’t it? Ah, perhaps you’re one of those that, when you only had to kill the last standing opponent, missclickeas and you do the most fail of the story? Well, congratulations, because it is your time to succeed.

Yes, it turns out that the new series of Fortnite, which will prtotagonizar Gladoop, creator of content in the game of Epic Games, is in search of people who make the fails most humiliating of battle royale.

The series will be called #NoQuedaSlurp and, why not say it, goes a little bit against the mounts curradísimos and plays stratospheric of the best players of Fortnite. Because in NoQuedaSlurp what account is screwing up, and forgive the expression.

What is this #NoQuedaSlurp?

Basically, it is a number in the format of a collection of moves in which the players protagonicen the humiliated bigger will come out in the video, that you upload the official account of Fortnite Spain to YouTube.

Epic Games stands out by giving their content creators a section in the official channel of Fortnite Spainand Gladoop will be the latest addition to the family.

In fact, he will be in charge of selecting and commenting on the worst games (or better, depending on what you see) that you send to that after shine in the video, which is uploaded each Saturday.

What and how I spend my video or clip? you may be wondering. Because the only thing you have to do is upload to your social networkeither Twitter (preferably) or Instagram your video with the hashtag #NoQuedaSlurp.

Once you do, you just have to wait and see the results, because the same appear in a collection, and not only laugh at you and your friends, but the entire community of Fortnite.