As is essentially inevitable in the face of every launch, even that of PS5 and Xbox Series X / S is accompanied by more or less serious problems or small defects of various kinds. In recent days we have spoken on some occasions of reports that indicated a PS5 noisier than the norm and apparently we could have an explanation for this “defect”.

The possible explanation comes from the French portal Les Numeriques which observed that Sony apparently uses at least three different fan models for its consoles. In very simple terms, one fan model is quieter than the others. The article that explores the noise aspect of the console is based on the personal experience of the editor of the site Florian Ages with his PS5 Digital.

It was enough to compare the console to another in the possession of the editorial staff to discover the mystery: apparently, the two consoles use different fan models. The differences are clearly visible in the image below with changes especially in the shape and density of the individual palettes. With such different models, it is not surprising that consoles produce different results in terms of noise.

But how effective would the difference in noise caused by the different fan models be? According to the tests of Les Numeriques we speak of 4 dB (A) (weighted decibel) with 39 dB (A) for the less noisy model and 43 for the slightly louder one.

Nothing transcendental and the console is still much less noisy than PS4 and PS4 Pro but in case you have the impression of having a PS5 model not so silent in your hands here is a possible explanation.

Les Numeriques has tested 5 machines at the moment between the editorial model and those of the individual editors and two have the quietest fan while three the slightly louder one. There would even be a third fan model since the one shown by Sony in its official teardown would be even different.

Using different parts for consoles is perfectly legitimate as long as they do their job fully – in this case cooling the hardware efficiently. This analysis of Les Numeriques is however undoubtedly interesting since it reveals one of the possible causes of different noise on PS5.