Nintendo , Sony and Microsoft have emerged as the biggest players in the video game industry. However, based on factors like innovations and brand loyalty, some companies have sold more than others in terms of consoles.

Figures calculated and presented by Safe Betting Sites indicate that Nintendo sold the largest number of consoles with 739.87 million units in September 2020. The Nintendo DS system is the company’s best-selling system with 154.9 million units.

From the data, Sony has sold 541.64 million units since entering the market. PlayStation 2 is Sony’s best-selling console of all time with 157.68 million units. In addition, Nintendo sold 365.56% more consoles than Microsoft’s Xbox. To date, Xbox has sold 158.92 million units globally. Xbox 360 is the best-selling console with 85.8 million units.

Nintendo’s popularity comes as no surprise considering the company has built its reputation with iconic characters from Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and the Pokémon franchise. These characters have followed gamers for several generations, games and different consoles. Nintendo has made great games for its iconic characters and provided innovative hardware to their fans. This pushed Nintendo to the top of the video game industry.

Additionally, Nintendo’s audience relies on strong original titles, brand loyalty, and portability. Furthermore, Nintendo is always offering new and interesting ideas for their consoles and games. For example, when everyone thought motion games were the only way to go, Nintendo ditched Wii.

Notably, Nintendo has remained dominant over Sony and Xbox thanks to portability. For example, the Nintendo Switch comes with a versatility that makes it a fantastic two-in-one system that combines the best of all of Nintendo’s past consoles.

Consoles like PS4 remain popular on Xbox due to clear messaging. Sony claimed that PS4 was meant for gamers, while on the other hand, Xbox has confused users after promising controversial multimedia features. The confusion ensured Sony “victory” in this generation. In addition, Sony also had a stronger launch line-up than Microsoft’s.

Finally, for both Microsoft and Sony, some of their console hardware wasn’t profitable at launch. However, the two giants were able to make profits through the sale of stocks.

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