If you feared that Nintendo Switch would disappear from the radar with the arrival of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, don’t worry: according to the latest market surveys, it seems that the hybrid console is still the most desired by the UK users for the upcoming Black Friday. , in spite of the advent of the next-gen.

In recent years, Nintendo Switch has enjoyed absolute popularity, managing to break numerous sales records and permanence in the world’s top seller charts. Its peculiar features have also allowed it to become the most desired multimedia object during the 2020 COVID pandemic.

Although the gaming world has officially passed to a new generation, with the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo Switch still remains the most desired console, at least in England.

Data provider SEMrush has compiled a report on consumer trends in the climate of Black Friday, and according to their data, ” Nintendo Switch Black Friday ” is the most common phrase searched in various search engines, a total of 398,000 times. Follow, at a safe distance, ” PlayStation Black Friday “, ” Xbox Black Friday ” and the different syntax variations.

The popularity of the Nintendo Switch is beyond question, but it is highly likely that many are looking at the Nintendo console as, of all three, it is certainly the easiest to find these days. PlayStation 5 is completely sold out all over the world, same speech for Xbox Series X, with only its alternative version, Xbox Series S, still recoverable in some stores with much luck.

In addition, unlike the new consoles, Nintendo Switch is available in different bundles, with titles of all kinds included, mainly first party and, in the case of Nintendo Switch Lite, there are also several alternative colors.

There are many factors that will facilitate the success of Nintendo Switch in the UK and in the rest of the world, during the next Black Friday, but this does not mean that it will always remain an important console, regardless of the future success of the next-gen.

And if in the future, a Pro version is really made that can narrow the gap with PS5 and Xbox Series X, then the competition will be even more fierce.