We all know the close relation that has always had the Ninja and Fortnite. Both retroalimentaron and jumped together to the fame thanks to both the game and the channel Twitch of the content creator were to increase viewers.

That relationship has gone through good moments and bad moments, but what is certain is that in the end have always been related in some way. Now Ninja has taken the decision to organise their own tournament, Fortnite.

The format will be divided in six different editions that dealt a total of $ 80 000 in cash to each of them. The idea is that the tournament starts this week and lasts until the beginning of July, where we will see the ultimate winner.

What is certain is that is the only information that we have so far. Regarding the list of participants yet there is nothing set, even though feeling that will bring together any professional player with the streamers most famous, a combination that we already know works.

It is clear that this kind of initiatives are always well-received by the community, especially now that there are hardly any competitions with the suspension of the World.


Ninja was the first content creator chose to have your own skin in the game. This was something that had been concocting lies for quite some time, but what is certain is that it seemed more a rumor created by fans, that’s something that could eventually become possible.

But Epic Games decided to take this step. Since last 17 of January is available in the shop this look, which has four distinct forms, in addition to the accessory backpacking Edged Ninja, the gesture Style Ninja and the peak Katanas double.