The battles ninja with Fortnite returned after a break of a week to bring us another invitational tournament. This event was a incredibly entertaining to watch, as always, but it was made even better with the introduction of the format Arena, something that was missing a lot last week.

It was a tournament very close, with Nate Hill, Bully and FunkBomb as if you were to take everything in one spot. After the third game, the trio had two victories under his belt in the back of one of the games most courageous thing you will see in Nate Hill.

However, the competition remained tight, and saw EmadGG, Commandment, and Bizzle take home the first place.

The points were close to the end, but the winning team was able to move away from the group in their final game, beating Bugha, Zyfa and Avery by 7 points. This team barely won the tiebreaker with the former leaders Nate Hill, Funk and a Bully.

The rest of the ranking was the following:

6. Assault, Scoped, Innocent: 49
7. Army unknown, TSM Khanada, Kreo: 41
8. TSM MAckwiid, Clack, Bucke: 40
9. NickEh30, Glace, Punisher: 38
10. Boat, owl, roller vanishing: 37
11. Ewok, Jahq, Acorn: 27
12. Riversan Keys, Knight: 25
13. JaredFPS, Ranger, Auhdi: 23
14. 72 hours, HazThaGreat, Mikey: 19
15. Ninja, Vivid, Co1azo: 17
16. Saf, Stretch, Zayt: 17
17. 100T Ceice, FaZe Dubs, FaZe Megga: 17
18. SypherPK, Hogman, FaZe Bini: 11
19. Typical player, Sogys, DonoTV: 6
20. BarbudoBlevins, Tutleardwarf, BonsaiBroz: 1

The tournament was full of highlights, but in the end, only one team could take home. Emad and Bizzle also took part in the last tournament of Ninja Battles, remaining in third place.

We have a few more weeks of competition ahead of it and, with luck, many more tournaments by invitation after that. It is becoming increasingly clear that the events in the invitation may be the best format from the perspective of the audience, with all the most important names in every game.

Now, we are in season 3. The battles ninja next week will take place the same day that the next season of Fortnite. Fans of the classic competitive Fortnite will feel right at home, with the season changing, the day of a tournament.

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