Since your step Twitch to Mixer, Ninja it has kept its fan base to be stable on the platform streaming of Microsoftbut little has been spoken of it in the social networks. However, Ninja is now launched for all the great announcing your event Fortnite.

This is the tournament Ninja Battles, which you will have a massive jackpot of $ 400,000 in prizes, which will be handing out weekly as there will be competition every Thursday from this may 28th, and until 2 July.

The tournament, as we mentioned, will begin on Thursday, may 28, and will be broadcast exclusively by channel of Ninja in Mixer. Each weekly tournament will have a prize of $ 80,000, and will run for six consecutive weeks, until the end of the deal for $ 400,000.

This tournament is one of the largest that have been announced and which is not made directly by Epic Games, so we will surely see several of the best players of Fortnite disputándolo. Yes, it will be conducted online, and it is therefore more likely to be full of North american players and is quite difficult to compete to other great players from the rest of the world.