It’s always a good time to talk about League of Legends. This title continues to be the benchmark of Riot Games, despite the fact that every time you take a new game has a great acceptance. For this reason, we wanted to talk with Nicola Cencherle, the country manager of Riot Games in Iberia, to talk about how he is facing RIOT a situation like the current one in which all the competitions face-to-face of esports have had to be cancelled, not only in Spain but throughout the world, and especially in what refers to the Circuit by Storm.

Nicola Cencherle, the country manager of Riot Games in Iberia

What factors do you think differentiate Spain from the other countries of Europe for which we have become a referral?

“We are fortunate to have an incredible community in Spain. The players live the League of Legends with a passion and have many initiatives so it is very easy for us to work alongside them to create tournaments, competitions, streams beneficial, among other things, that subsequently have a lot of impact on the ecosystem. In addition to this, we are fortunate to have partners like GGTech and the LVP that have an expertise immense in this industry, and constantly create innovative formats that allow us to reach audiences that are new.”

In regards to the actions of community, and how much it has moved people in Spain to grow this game, What does Riot Games have all of these agents (organizers of events, streamers, computers…)?

“They are a vital part. Without the collaboration with all these agents, without the bet that have been made in the game, League of Legends would not have come as far as he has done. As a team, we would be very difficult (or practically impossible) to carry out all and each one of the initiatives that we’re working on now.”

With respect to the Circuit Storm, we entered already in the third year How have you lived since Riot Gamnes both in Spain and at the european level or global growth?

“The Circuit Storm is without a doubt, one of the most ambitious projects of Riot Iberia, and one that we are most proud. We were expecting it to be a successful project, but we never imagined it would grow so much and so fast. Little by little it has become a space to offer to the amateur players of Spain, the opportunity to compete on a professional stage, of the experience of a competitive intense, but rewarding, and above all, of the generation of talent that transcends beyond a competition between colleagues. For all these reasons, it is a model that has generated a lot of interest in the offices of Riot in all the world, and we are working together with those teams to export and it becomes a hotbed of talent at the global level”.

Are there in other countries similar initiatives to the Circuit Storm? Do you think that is something that will be poses to emulate in other places?

“There is No such thing as the Circuit to the Storm as is. There are similar projects but they do not have a narrative as the Storm, that is to say, there is no connection between competitions, do not combine the online and offline, does not extend throughout the year, do not have a system of points and are also not connected to a link of the top of the pyramid competitive in the local scene. As I said in my previous answer, it is something that several countries are planning to implement”.

Initially, the Circuitry of the Storm is presented as an initiative that would give the possibility to compete around the world trying to emulate the feeling experienced professionals. How have you changed the objectives with the arrival of so many competitions and the emergence of so many clubs amateur?

“This has not changed, on the contrary, one of our main goals is that the players feel how special it is to play a final in a professional stage: the pressure, the nerves and the excitement, as does Vodafone Giants, Movistar Riders or any team SLO or the LEC. The consequence of all this, has been the creation of a large number of clubs amateurs with a high level and with players of so much talent, that, after, they are recruited by professional teams. For us, it is a natural and logical”.

On the league Link, we are seeing a lot of support on the part of the community and the numbers look good Is something that you have been waiting for?

“We the same happens with the Circuit Storm in general. We knew that it would work due to the data and feedback of the last year. We are satisfied with the attraction that is generating. We also understand that ‘The Nexus’, is an initiative that has emerged in a moment we are going through exceptional circumstances, has contributed to the number of spectators is very high, but we are seeing the same growth in any competition, regardless of the competitive level. What motivates us is to see that the amateur, each time attracting more players and spectators, and that is something that we need to continue encouraging”.

In recent months we are seeing the arrival of many influencers in several computers of the national scene. Is this the way to go? Mixing content creators with clubs.

“We also believe that it is a strategy quite organic, and that benefits both the content creators as to the clubs. In the end, it’s about growing the ecosystem together, supporting each other, taking advantage of the strengths of each, and working together on the areas of opportunity of others. The alliance between streamers and computers, legitimiza to both parties and helps to achieve common objectives more quickly and effectively. It seems to Me a strategy is quite good, as long as the involved parties share values and philosophy”.

What is currently the relationship between Riot and the clubs to work with in the creation of content?

“The creation of genuine content and appealing is important not only for clubs, but for any organization today. In this case, each club has its values, its mission and its tone of voice, and we love that we’re involved in their conversations, always from the respect to the opponent, the players and the competition. We support them from our social media channels and if the creation of content involves the organization of a tournament or a stream, we try to support them as much as possible, allowing them the use of our intellectual property and offering the experience of the team both in the organization as well as in the promotion of the same”.

Are there any anecdotes, or any interesting experience that you have lived with a participant of the Circuit? Perhaps even with the passage of time has begun to sting the itch by engaging yourself in a stop.

“There is no story in particular, but I do want to emphasize that we have lived experience that is very enriching to be traveling to Spain to attend to all the stops. Some events are very hard, many hours of competition and to see the passion with which the players live it regardless of whether they win or lose, it’s amazing. In addition, being physically there allows us to hear first-hand the opinion of the players, the things they like, which we have to improve, etc.”