Epic Games has announced the next update of Fortnite, v12.61. Here is what we know and what to expect from the update.

The last update of Fortnite launched was the update v12.60. The update included no new feature, or added new weapons or items to the game. Nor was added to many masks of Fortnite and other cosmetics in comparison with all other important updates released this season and previous seasons.

The data miners already knew that the update v12.60 would not be the last for the season 2 of chapter 2. When the update v12.60 was in the scene, the data miners discovered that there will be an update v12.60 Fortnite, which would be the final update for the season 2.

Epic Games has made an early announcement that the update will come tomorrow. Here is everything you need to know, as well as what we can expect from the new update of Fortnite tomorrow.

Update Fortnite

State the time of inactivity of Fortnite Server and when they will come

As we expect to see updates released in the chapter 2, season 2, the update tomorrow will arrive prior to the updates of previous seasons. The servers Fortnite will be down for scheduled maintenance at 2 AM ET (6 AM UTC).

It is likely that the servers of Fortnite are inactive for two hours, so wait for that to return at 4 AM ET (8 AM UTC). As soon as the servers come back online after scheduled maintenance, we will update this article.

Update Fortnite v12.61
Update Fortnite v12.61

Patch notes Fortnite

Points to help Nerf

We know with certainty that the update of Fortnite v12.61 will have a goal to help nerf in the PC. Epic announced this upcoming change in the update v12.60, but stated that there will be no change before the end of the FNCS.

FNCS concluded at the end of last week, which means that we will see Epic add this objective to help nerf the PC for the players driver in this update. It is likely that Epic check the comments from the player about changes in the driver of the PC and perform the corresponding settings.

Fortnite PC Aim Assist Nerf
Fortnite PC Aim Assist Nerf

Correction of errors

All the updates of Fortnite large and small have some bug fixes included. In the update tomorrow, we have some bug fixes confirmed that Epic Games will address. One of the main corrections of errors that we will see in the update Fortnite v12.61 is the problem with players that can’t reimburse the glider Dragacorn.

Epic Games has disabled the Dragacorn Glider because the players complained that the glider is pay to win. The complaints stem from the animation when it deploys the glider Dragacorn with the player deploying the glider moving extremely fast from one side to the other.

Deadpool Dragacorn Fortnite Glider
Deadpool Dragacorn Fortnite Glider

Epic changed the animation of the glider in v12.50, but the function to reimburse the glider without the use of a token refund was not working. However, Epic has fixed this issue and players will be able to repay the glider once the servers have made a backup copy of the scheduled maintenance, or at least we hope.

The other error-correction known in v12.61, is that the numbers do not change in the masks with sports themes.

Doomsday Event Files

We were able to view files of events mroe Doomsday Fortnite added in the update. Until now, the Creative Director World of Epic Games, Donald Mustard, has made it his routine ritual of changing his biography of Twitter causing a next event for Fortnite. Your location now says “The Agency”.

We have also seen hatches that are found in the water around The Agency be fired in the last few days, and the sabbath, began a countdown timer to the event, Doomsday that you can see both in the room of Midas at the table to your left, or in the lobby screen. The event will be held this Saturday and the Season 2 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite will end officially on Thursday 4 June.

Countdown Timer Midas

We could see the files added that will provide more information on what will happen during or after the event. Until now, there have been some small advances through banners that are displayed in the game and banners that are found in the files that suggest that parts of the map could be flooded after the event. It seems that we might see The Agency removed from the map after the update, that was added this season to fit with the theme of the spy.

It will be interesting to see what added Epic Games in the update tomorrow, and what will happen during the event. After the end of the event, we’ll probably see the images teaser daily posted for season 3.