When we learned of the patch notes 10.10we thought that would be the end of the two compositions most predominant: Shredders and Candy Land. However, the thing has ended up being quite different, as Candy Land, it’s barely surviving, and Xayah is still the queen of the game (next to Kayle). This could change in the patch 10.11 TFT.

What will be the patch 10.11 of the TFT end of Xayah and Kayle?

First, let’s talk about buffs. Chrono will receive an improvement in the next patch, next to Lucian, Master Yi, and Cho’gath. In terms of the nerfswe have Caitlyn, Graves, Blitz, Kayle, Xayah and the Reminder lethal.

We will have new galaxy: the Small Legends, and will be adjustments in Jarvan IV and in-class Infiltrators.

With all the information on the table: what do we have? On the one hand, will have to see if finally Xayah still be one of the priorities in early game. Kayle, another of the queens of this patch, you will also receive a nerf, so that we could see them fall compositions Shredder and Chrono Kayle.

The nerf to Serious also makes sensetaking into account that it is too powerful in the Round 2 of the game. As for the buff to Chronos, will have to see if it is AS good as to justify the composition of Chrono Kayle follow with life. Everything will depend on the nerf to Kayle and the buf to this class.

Finally, we have no clues regarding adjustment of Jarvanthat could get benefited or harmed. Touch expect to have some patch notes something more concrete.

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