If we ask, we believe that all multiplatform games should have the option of playing cross. This means that we can play with any other person who has the same game regardless if you play on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. Currently, only a handful of titles allow for this —among the most notable, Fortnite— but each day will add up to more. The new guest to the party is the racing game Need for Speed Heat.

So, from the June 9, 2020 we can enjoy the latest title in this franchise automobile with friends, no matter what platform they have the game.

This was announced by Matt Webster, managing director of Criterion Games, by publication in the official website of EA. This news comes just days after Need for Speed Heat outside added to Steam along with other titles of the distributor.

Need for Speed Heat game crossover

Webster also says that the update that adds the capabilities of interplay to Need for Speed Heatand that it also fixes some ‘bugs’— it will be the last for this title. However, it is not the end to the saga Need for Speed. In the same text reveals that Criterion Games is already working on the next game of the franchise. It also asks you for the fans who are very attentive to the presentation of EA Live which will be issued June 18. There we will find out more details about NFS and other EA games that will be added to Steam.

With this, Need for Speed Heat becomes the first EA game to allow the game crossfire. Hopefully others will follow their example.

Source: EA

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