River Plate, Damian Ranaudo, LosProGamers and NNN are classified by the second week of the Musmimundo Gaming League. Get to know more details of the second qualifying In the note!

Completed another week of competition of the Musimundo Gaming League, and let the seconds qualified for the monthly final of August. In Fortnite themselves LosProGamers, in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ranked River Plate, in Valorant the whole chilean NNN moved on to the next stage and Damian Ranaudo of Rosario Central advanced phase in PES 2020.


Fortnite had its second day Wednesday, August 5, where LosProGamers themselves champions after winning in the final OtakuTeam by 14 5. The winning team was made up of New Lowsens and Just Uriel, and in the earlier stages we won 420Team, Milers V2 and Nashes.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Sunday was great consecrations, and one of the most important is that of River Plate before Piantaos Gaming by 2 to 0. In Train, The Millionaire he stayed with the victory 19 to 17while in Dust II beat The Tango by 16 to 7. On the way, The Band he left behind great teams such as 9z Academy in the quarterfinals and AION Espors in the semi-finals. In this way, the Núñez add to Furious Gaming to compete in the monthly final.


AION Esports he had his revenge in the final of the second qualifier, but again, failed to qualify to the monthly final as they fell to NNN by 2-to-1. The team champion is a native of Chile, and some of the combined to defeat to reach the next stage were Electr1c Doubl3 $alch!chA and Killing Esports.

PES 2020

Damian Ranaudo (Damicentral1), that is representative of the club Rosario Central, who was ranked in PES 2020 after defeating CesarPincha by a resounding 5 to 1 in the end. To get to the definition and become the second ranked, Ranaudo beat KarlitosDiaz14, Facilitosoy, Toto98nivelx, Alejinho45, Dixeuss16978 and Pabloleonel97 in the semi-finals. Damian adds to Rey Molina, player Independent, to compete in the monthly final of August.

The keys of each tournament will form the day of the competition until all teams are registered. The days will start to 14:30 pm and can be seen through the channels of Twitch of Boaxttv and PsycOrNvewho will be the casters officers, while the finals will be broadcasted by the official channel of Musimundo. For more details of all the competitions and put your name on the other dates you can enter http://gaming.musimundo.com/

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