The customers of Movistar who make use of Fortnite and other games from Epic Games can now pay the purchases of the developer directly to the wireless bill: the two companies have reached an agreement pioneer in Spain. This can be purchased suits Fortnite, passes battle, turkeys, and other purchases of the Epic Games Store without using credit card or PayPal.

Fortnite is one of those games where you can’t buy experience or improvements that will help you win, but yes that is possible customize the characters to base to buy costumes, objects, dances and many more options. For this, we use the purchases within the game, also the transactions using the virtual currency built-in: turkeys. Up to now, it must register a payment method in the Epic Games Store, but everything changes with the agreement between the game developer and Movistar: all purchases can be charged to the invoice of the mobile phone.

Payments in Fortnite charged to the invoice Movistar

Payments Movistar Fortnite Payments of Movistar, are already integrated in Fortnite

Movistar has announced today news adding that it is the first operator in the world has reached an agreement with Epic Games to allow the payments to your store from your phone bill. This facilitates such payments, as all those who have hired a mobile tariff of Movistar, and wish to acquire games, objects, costumes, the pass of the battle or Turkeys for Fortnite, will not require the registration of a means of payment in the Epic Games Store: simply with your mobile number for Movistar.

To have the option of charging the purchases on the invoice it is essential to be discharged in the payments of Movistar (by default, they have it active all the customers). Transactions can be reviewed from the web, is loaded into the invoice, Optus will not charge you any extra for the service or the payments and it is possible to unsubscribe from any service hired, by going to the client area of the payments of Movistar.

The process to pay any element of Fortnite is the following:

  • Choose what you wish to purchase and click ‘Buy’.
  • Select Movistar of the means of payment available on the Epic Games Store.
  • To register for the service, enter your phone number to Movistar for the operator to send you the Pin confirmation.
  • Once the process is complete, your purchase of Fortnite, and any other good digital of the Epic Games Store, will be credited on your next invoice of mobile.
Payments Movistar Fortnite

Epic Games Store becomes the sixth service that Movistar has reached agreements to pay for digital transactions directly on the phone bill; after the App Store, Google Play Store, e-park, PlayStation Network and Wegow. Such mobile payments are already active in Fortnite, also should be in the rest of the Epic Games Store.

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