The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the whole world, forcing people to change their lifestyle habits and beyond: many have also had to change their work needs by adopting an approach to smart working that has allowed them to spend more time at home. Several people, thanks to the lockdown, were able to throw themselves into video games and now, a survey by the NPD group has shown how gaming habits have changed in August 2020.

NPD surveyed 5,000 members of its US online panel to inquire about gaming habits and found that 79% of US consumers have played a video game in the past six months, up from 73% the last time this was played. poll. Overall time spent playing also increased by 26% among respondents, and they reported spending an average of 33% more on games.

Earnings across demographics were also uneven, with the NPD reporting that adults over 45 showed greater gains in their gambling habits. People between the ages of 45 and 54 said they spent 59% more time playing and 76% more money, while those aged 55-64 spent 48% more time and 73% more money. Adults aged 65 and overspend on average 45% more time playing games, while their spending increased by 29%.

NPD analyst Mat Piscatella said that video games have been one of the categories that has seen more growth than others this year. “This may simply reflect an acceleration of pre-pandemic trends. If this is the case, the gaming market could experience continued growth even after the pandemic.”