Commercial entity TIGA has released a new report showing that 46% of UK game development staff worked exclusively or primarily on console games in 2020. The console category is the largest employer of development staff in the country, although only 13% of studios have consoles as their primary focus. In 2013, 16% of UK studios focused on consoles, showing only a slight decrease over the years.

This is because apparently, the mobile sector is still the main focus of developers, as it stands at 39%. The category has shown signs of decline over the years, as it was the focus of 49% of UK developers in 2013. Mobile developers made up 21% of the development staff in 2020.

PC was the main target for 36% of the country’s studies in 2020, a result that has remained unchanged since 2013. This includes online and physical PC games, social networking games, and MMOs and accounted for 28% of personal development. Finally, both AR and VR have been the focus of just 9% of UK studios this year, accounting for 4% of the country’s development staff.

The CEO of TIGA, Dr. Richard Wilson OBE, commented: ” The lasting dominance of the console is due to a combination of the UK’s long history of console development, the significantly higher resources and teams required for console game development, and the continued strength of the market. global console gaming. With the advent of a new generation of consoles, no other gaming platform is able to challenge it. “