Call of Duty: Mobile the order has launched the Season 6 called ‘once Upon a Time in Rust’ (once Upon a time in Rust), which provides new maps, new game modes, new events and even more rewards to earn, among other innovations. The work of Activision, which recently reached the 150 million downloads has received these days a small update with news from the Wild West, and that also incorporates a number of innovations that we will reveal below.

The mobile version of the popular franchise from Activision has confirmed that baneará the cheats for always revealed all the details of this new update through the thread the official Call of Duty: Mobile on Reddit that also means the update of the first community in the month of May, and that comes after the release of ‘once Upon a Time in Rust’. A season with an explosion-themed western, which has received a good reception from the players and that incorporates one of the maps most emblematic of the series: Rust.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6

Among other details, we have added three new game modes coming to Call of Duty: Mobile with season 6: Capture the flag, duel, one on one, and low-confirmed; in addition to a number of challenges, two characters and a new pass battle. However, the game has more content coming during the month of May, as a new class for the Battle Royale mode new grenade tactics, more game modes, and a new map called Saloon, which will be available officially in the mid of the month, among others.

The first of the new in reach is the launch of Gold Rush, themed event players can enjoy until the 21st of May, and in them that there is that collect gold to obtain unique rewards. For example, at the time of play mode Low confirmed users can now pick up gold ingots or, in the case of Battle Royale, barrels specially marked which can provide a treasure map.

The new update of Call of Duty: Mobile is already active

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 roadmap

On the other hand, Call of Duty: Mobile also has to throw Outlaw, a powerful sniper rifle which is unlocked at Level 12, and hopes to incorporate new weapons, like a knife trapper natural or a smoke grenade. The team responsible for the game has also offered the roadmap of the new season, with which users from Iran making new content, in addition to other already launched, and which provides a general overview of the season at a glance (and that you can see on these lines).

The same way, from Call of Duty: Mobile apps have assured to have to listen to the community, to gather feedback and sending them to the responsible team to make the gaming experience better. Equally, they have also confirmed that this season has some events and changes, but there are also others that will come soon, noting that the next major update of the game will take place in the month of June.

Finally, we also have confirmed that have systems designed to help with the general progression and, at the same time, have discussed a variety of options to add options, progression-additional to those that wait with bated breath for more work. And, as is customary, this update has also carried out a number of bug fixes and in the next few weeks the game will receive new challenges.