Since League of Legends introduced its system of qualifying many years ago, there is a value which positions the accounts of the game in a way “different” to the division in the to find these.

That is to say, although we have one account in Platinum, for example, it is possible that our MMR, or Match Making Rate, you’re in a division different, and this is what we will address in this article.

The MMR is the value mentioned in the first paragraph, and many users are asking what it is or what it means, so you try to explain exactly how it works.

How does the MMR?

To begin with, Riot Games has never specified how exactly does the MMR in League of Legends, but, doing a little research, yes that you can come to any conclusion about it.

Andl MMR determines the actual level in which we are within the system of qualifying, and we can know if our MMR is ‘healthy’ in terms of the League Points that we won.

For example, if you are in Platinum and we’ve won between 20 and 40 points when you win, we will have a MMR ‘healthy’, and this would vary depending on the points you get.

  • Following the example of Platinum, if we get 10-20 LP for a win, our MMR is worse than our division.
  • If on the other hand managed to win more than 40 points for a win, our actual level is higher than that of our division and the system seeks to position ourselves at a higher level than they really deserve.

The MMR is dangerous because, if we have a losing streak, we can ‘break’ the MMR against us, and we will need many more victories to equlibrarlo.

Similarly, if we have a streak of victory, our MMR staff is going to shoot, and the system will conclude that we deserve a division higher and we will match you with players of a better level.

Let’s put a real example with the player at the top of qualifying. For example, Upset, Inspired or Markoon are in the top 10 of Challenger in may, and your MMR is around 2800 points.

How can we know our MMR and the ‘pros’?

Therefore, although there is no official estimate of Riot Games, there are pages like this that allow us to know, more or less, our MMR in function of the calculations in this web.

For example, if we seek to Upset on this websitewe mark a MMR of 2848, and if a little down on the page, we can see some very interesting data:

Graph of the MMR global in League of Legends

According to the graph, the MMR of Challenger is more or less than 2800, while the MMR is usually around 1200 and 1400, but, what divisions will be these really?

We can intuit that 1200-1400 is the MMR between Silver I and Gold Ialthough, we insist, is a guess based on data of the distribution of ranges collected in esportstales in march of 2020.

Distribution of ranks in League of Legends in march 2020

In short, the MMR is impossible to calculate in a formal way, but we recommend you to use pages as OP.GG to know the distribution of famous players or professionals, and after compare your MMR with this website.

We insist, there is no one formula official, but doing a little research and a couple of rules 3 we know, more or less, how is our MMR. If you are under, the only thing you can do is link to many victories and improve it, there is no more mystery.