Misfits Gaming has announced the signing of shooter Danish Kasper ‘Kobbe’ Kobbercup for their team in League of Legends, which played from mid-June to the split summer of 2020 of the LEC.

The arrival of Kobbethat returns to Europe after a brief stint in north America, it also presupposes the output of the sucoreano Ju ‘Bovy’ Yeong-hoon, which has been your shooter during the split spring, in that the Misfits was one of the big surprises for their good results despite having players with little experience.

Kobbe is a player known in Europe whose career was closely linked to Splyce: he made his debut with them in his first split in the, by then, LCS european, and not until the end of the season 2019, just when OverActive Media decided to leave behind Splyce to give input to MAD Lions.

During those four years managed to reach on one occasion the end of the LCS and up to two qualified for the World cupas the last of them last year, coming in addition to the quarterfinals, where they were eliminated by SKT Telecom T1.

Of their passage through this World may include, for example, who managed to win a game in groups FunPlus Phoenix —which finally was proclaimed champion— and force you to play a tiebreaker. In the individual section shines its inclusion in the best spring team of the LEC, 2019.

At the end of 2019 I decided to cross the pond to sign for Team SoloMid, a team that has been bet by Danish players and who aspired to recover the throne of the LCS. The results were not bad at all, but also not good and have decided to incorporate to Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng, a legend in north America, and to dispense with Kobbe.

Now it binds to the Misfits, which share a team with Danny ‘Dan Dan’ Le Comte, Ivan ‘Razork’ Martin, Fabian ‘Febiven’ Diepstraten and Petr ‘denyk’ Haramach. The past split they were one of the stronger teams for many moments, but eventually they were relegated to the sixth place in the playoffs.