Google Earth is a great way to explore the world in 3D – but what if it transports you to the world of Minecraft? It’s not uncommon for Minecraft players to recreate iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, or even large parts of the globe. Now, a new mod takes things to a whole different level by converting Google Earth to Minecraft.

Using data from Google Earth, Redditor KevinJNguy01 created a unique method to take away the hard work of recreating iconic locations in the building game. Google Earth data can be accessed using a program called RenderDoc: the models are then reordered in Blender before being exported to an object file. From here, KevinJNguy01 used his program to convert the object file “into a data packet function and map all textures”, which then “finds the Minecraft block with the closest color”.

The final result depends on the amount of work that Google has put into Google Earth, but using targets like London, Tokyo, or New York, the level of detail of the cities really leaves you speechless. By clicking here you can take a look at the user’s project.

The players have indulged a lot in the Minecraft universe: in this regard, there is a mod that allows you to enter the world of Harry Potter.