When you thought you’ve seen it all, comes YouTube to surprise us and give us one of the movies most brilliant of recent times, especially in the audio visual quality and creativity.

Because, imagine, League of Legends and Minecraft together. Are you not able to? Therefore do not worry, because EnchantedMob what has been achieved with a fantastic video imitating the original video clip of K/DA in the POP song/STARS.

The young youtuber known for being a great designer 3D from a very early age has recreated the video clip that became popular in the Worlds of 2018 League of Legends.

In fact, we can see how it would be Akali, Kai’Sa, Evelynn and Ahri in version Minecraft and the truth is that charisma and personality is not lacking to any of them.

Akali, Kai'Sa, Ahri, and Evelynn in version Minecraft

The song is the original, but the video is full of winks and décor Minecraft, so that the cubes and the squares are the main characteristic element of the video.

Beyond the random new (which, by the way, it has seemed to us very curious), we’ll leave you with the original video of the K/DA – POP/STARS so you can compare you if the relationship is real.