After getting to know the 8 teams they would face in the new Mid-Season Cup, a competition that replaces the MSI canceled in 2020, we already know how will be the groups and the schedules of the parties.

This tournament will focus all the eyes of the fans who like competitive League of Legends, and that is that the 4 best teams of the LCK and the top 4 of the LPL are facing the days 28, 29, 30 and 31 may.

T1 arrives as the favorite to win the tournament after lifting the LCK against Gene.G (3-0), while his main contender will be JD Gamingchampion of the LPL after beating 3-2 Top Esports.

Groups and calendar

The group is already considered to be the death, for in him are teams that, in addition to the final stages of the Worlds, have a roster spectacular:

Group A (bo1)

  • T1 – #1 LCK
  • Top Esports – #2 LPL
  • FunPlus Phoenix – #3 LPL
  • Damwon Gaming – #4 LCK

On the other hand, in group B will be the champion of the LPL is measured at the 2nd and 3rd of the LCK, respectively, in addition to the set of TheShy:

Group B (bo1)

  • JD Gaming – #1 LPL
  • Gene.G – #2 LCK
  • DragonX – #3 LCK
  • Invictus Gaming – #4 LPL

The group A fixtures will be played on the 28th of may, while the group B will be played the following day, the 29th of may:

The semi-finals and the grand final will be played may 30 and 31, respectively, and will face the 1st of group A v. 2nd of group B, as well as the 1st of group B v. 2nd of group A:

As a novelty, the grand final will have a change in the first map, since it will be played in the format blind pick, although, after this, it will play the format draft usual.

The action will be able to follow through Twitch, YouTube and more platforms to the eastern public. When we have information about it, add links, and a direct follow-up.