Preventing sale of second-hand.

Microsoft has implemented a new system to redeem the digital games that are included with the bundles of Xbox.


Up to now, inside the box the user was a small cardboard with an alphanumeric code of a download, that should enter in the Store of Xbox to associate the game to your account.


But from now on, in a system called Direct Digital that has already been implemented in the new bundle for Xbox One X with Cyberpunk 2077 that has come to the shops recently, the game does not come in one code, but that is associated to the user account during the initial setup process for the console.


Microsoft has not specified the reasons why it has decided to change the system of exchange of the games included in the bundles of the console, but it seems clear that this is to prevent the sale of second hand goods and as totally anti-consumer. Nor has it explained whether it is a situation time (the bundle of Cyberpunk includes the long-awaited RPG from CD Projekt, which will be available in September) or if it will be this way always from now on, despite the fact that all signs point to the second.



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