Microsoft Flight Simulator will soon receive support for virtual reality, to be precise next 22 December 2020. Later, the title will also receive a substantial update for the game world, aimed at improving the English lands.

Announced during the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator developer Q&A on Twitch, support for VR headsets will come with the free Sim Update 2 update and will make the game compatible with all headsets on the market, including those from Oculus and Valve. The update will also introduce menus and an interface created ad hoc to be usable in VR.

The following month, to be precise on January 26, 2021, the World Update 3 will be published, thanks to which a more detailed and accurate rendering of the United Kingdom will be introduced, thanks to the collection of new data and new aerial images. The update will affect the lands of England, Scotland, and Wales and will see the introduction of 50-60 new points of interest, as well as improving the elements already present.

The Asobo developers plan to update and improve Northern Ireland as well, but the update may not be completed in time for World Update 3. Whatever the case, it will end in the next update.

Finally, Asobo promised to return to improve the United States, already protagonists of the last World Update, this time focused on Hawaii, Alaska, and other states. However, the timing of this new update is still unknown.