Microsoft Flight Simulator depopulated not only in the gaming world but also in the scientific one. The ability to visit realistic countries by simply staying in the warmth of our home has allowed people during the pandemic to travel, albeit virtually, the world.

Therefore Popular Science magazine ranked all the biggest innovations of 2020 including Microsoft Flight Simulator. The motivation reads: ” The COVID-19 pandemic has made flying more burdensome for everyone. But armchair aviators who have a desire to get into the cockpit have received a new outlet this year in the form of a new version of Microsoft. Flight Simulator “.

The comment continues: ” Artificial intelligence has helped create some of the game’s beautiful graphical scenarios, such as building shapes, and a new method of flight simulation has made the plane’s movement in space more realistic than ever. players can now sit in the cockpit of the aircraft like a Cessna 172 or even a Boeing Dreamliner, and no flying lessons are needed. “