Mexico will host starting this Saturday, the first tournament face-to-face of the League, Latin american League of Legends (ALL), thanks to a three-year agreement of the developer of the title, Riot Games, with TV Azteca.

The LLA shall be transmitted by the official channel of League of Legends Latinoamérica on Youtube and Twitch, the television chilena ETC TV and in the platform of digital TV Azteca.

¡League of Legends closed 2019 as the most popular game for the PC, according to Newzoo!

“There are different sponsors that wanted to work with us in Latin america and within those possibilities arises the alliance with TV Azteca, that was the best opportunity that we envisage for the growth of the scene of eSports towards the future”, explained to Efe Nicholas Yentzen, Esports Player Management Riot for Latin america.

In 2019 Riot merged the Copa Latin america South and the League of Latin america North to create the LLA. Its first headquarters was in Chile, but the video game company decided to move the operation of the League to Mexico by the agreement with the tv network of mexico.

“Chile has opened a lot of doors, generated interest of many media, were new sponsors for the teams, the League had a higher reputation,” he explained.

With an investment of more than $ 2.5 million, the LLA will have in 2020 the first stadium for the exclusive eSports in the region, the Arena Esports Stadium, where starting Saturday, eight teams will contest the Opening 2020 to win a pass to the Mid-Season Invitational, the tournament of the half-season of League of Legends (LoL).

The squares that make up the ALL are the bicampeona Isurus, All Knights, Blue Esports, Furious Gaming, Infinity Esports, Xten Esports, Pixel Esports Club and Rainbow 7.

“LoL is a game that involves 10 players in a match 5 against 5, in which each team aims to destroy the base of your opponent (the nexus enemy) by using a character that is your avatar within the map. It stimulates the work, the communication team and strategy,” said mr. Yentzen.

For this campaign, you ALL changed the format. Stage 1, a group stage with eight teams, now will be in format of all against all, in matches back and forth. Each victory give you a point, and the final three teams will be eliminated.

Stage 2 (five squadrons) will also be a ’round robin’, but only in duels of ida. In this the winners added two units for comparison, which will be added to the achieved in the first phase. A team will end up deleted.

In the third phase (playoffs) four teams will look at the cup more prestigious League of Legends on the continent in ‘brackets’. The team with the most points has scored in the group stage will have a direct pass to the final, the second semi-final, while the third and the fourth will begin from the quarter.

“With this change in format, we ensure that every moment of the competition to be exciting and always be playing something important. The three stages have a ‘punch’ important of entertainment,” said Yentzen.

In ALL there is the ascent and the descent, which is defined at the end of the year. The worst teams of the Opening and the Closing played a tournament with promotion/relegation against the champions of the National Leagues that Riot Games has in the region.

Blue, that depends on the football team, University of Chile, was the squad that amounted to this year. While that Pixel was able to maintain its quota to beat the champion of Colombia, Mad Lions.