An hour ago the player of League of Legends Júlia “Mayumi” Nakamura has published a tweet on his personal account announcing its exit of the brazilian team INTZ. Also, it has been announced as free agent.

Mayumi came in INTZ as support alternate turning the set on an alignment joint. With only 17 years old revolutionized the CBLoL, the competition in brazil. In addition, his signing became the third woman to compete in a professional league of LoL in Brazil.

His debut took place in December last year, against Uppercut Esports, where he was 1/0/15 playing as Nautilus.

Mayumi with his team INTZ

Mayumi with his team INTZ

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Mayumi ensures that your path in esports “not over yet”

Your output INTZ has been posted to your twitter staff in which he says that from now on will do streaming and personal projects. In the same way, states that do not yet have any plan in mind so that you declare free agent.

On the other hand, has dedicated other words his teammates and his fans. Grateful for the support by both parties, and that thanks to them was able to fulfill his dream as a professional player.

Also has added: “Believe me that I am very grateful. My path in esports does not end here. Story with you, as I have always done. Thanks”.

Has not given any kind of detail of the output of your computer, but you without a doubt you are going to remain in the brazilian community of LoL. Your channel YouTube account with 10,000 subscribers and only one video has more than 21,000 visits. It also has channel Twitch where it has more than 120,000 followers.

As she herself has said is free agent so do not discard it nor see it in the Crack competitive in the near future.