Last Saturday Kills announced on his personal account of Facebook that it was withdrawing from the competitive League of Legends. With several championships under his belt, being the most prominent the Worlds 2014, Samsung White, where he was also MVP of the tournament, the player ended a successful career.

However, I knew that Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong was not going to be away from the competitive, due to their knowledge of the game and leadership within and outside of Summoner’s Rift. In effect, today Royal Never Give Up, announced its incorporation as the new Head Coach of the team.

Kills known RNG to perfection, he shared the botlane with Uzi in the season 2016where they reached the Quarter Finals of the Worlds and they won the first split of the LPL, but failed to reach the expectations that I had for a team with such good names -mainly because they found themselves with SKT in both the MSI as in the Worlds – and would end the season for the separate paths.

Uzi and Kills compartireron the botlane of RNG in 2016.

This return of Mata as the Head Coach has several unknowns open-ended, RNG is a team that is in position 1 all the time, Mata has no experience at the position and could cost you, despite of your knowledge. In addition, the LPL never was so full of great players as it is now, with FPX including Khan in the team, Invictus, which will seek to recover after a turbulent 2019 and several teams contenders.

So that will have to wait to see how you are going to RNG with this bet of Kills as the Head Coach, the knowledge has to be seen that way manages to apply them during the season.

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