MAD Lions club madrileo sports electrnicos, has made official its new template for the team of League of Legends to represent the lions in the Super Orange, the competition most important of the MOBA Riot in our country.

The team consist of some well-known names for fans of LOL in our country such as the Werlub or Hatrixx. Below I leave you with the list of the five players chosen:

  • Jorge Werlyb Casanovas in the toplane.
  • Luis “Koldo” Prez in the jungle.
  • Jrgen “Hatrixx” Elgen in the midlane.
  • Victor “Flakked” Lirola in the botlane as a shooter.
  • Olivier “Prime” Payet in the botlane as support.

Besides, the MAD Lions have within the team technical project hispanic with Alvar “Araneae” Martn and with Jessu “Falco” Prez is encargarn of the direction of the team for the competition espaola.

We are very proud to announce this new roster combining the talent Spanish ms young with players and staff service with
muchsima experience at the national and european
“he commented Vegetta777.

For its part, Willyrex, another of the members of the club, has declared that “this season we have opted for a roster with a great potential, and fight to win this Super league of Orange“.

Also in the LEC

With this project for the SLO, the MAD Lions maintained their commitment to the scene of League of Legends espaola while dispute also its first season in the LEC, the competition most important of the MOBA in Europe in to replace the team French Splyce.