9z and Undead Gaming are some of the teams that already presented to the players who represented in the Closure by 2020 of the League Master Flow. Find out more details In this note!

The Closing 2020 of the League Master Flow is more and more near, and for this, some of the teams started to present their new rosters through the social networks. 9z, Falklands Gaming, Undead Gaming and Furious Gaming already got to know your entire team. While River Plate threw clues about its future players, the other teams didn’t showed anything about it.

The first set to show their new players was the runner-up 9z. After firing Prodigy and Tsunami some weeks ago, the combined Frankkaster hired Fix, Sonyky and Betorro as a coach. The historic carrilero bottomthat took part in two editions of Worlds in KLG, will compete as a player after a split as a coach in Humanoids5 in the league Chile. On the other hand, the support and the new coach of the argentine team, come to be crowned champions of the League of Honor Entel.

Another combo that bet big it was Falklands Gaming. With the hiring of Winter, Filopo, Kimi and Tsunami, put together a roster that is complete with SryNotSry and which generates a lot of expectations. Both the carrilero centralas both players who will defend the bottom lineformed part of 9z in the Closing 2019when the team claim the title.

Undead Gaming it was reinforced for the next split, as they added to their roster for Follow and Kindless. Both players with a great level. In the case of the jungle, gets to be incredible performances in Isurusand , on the other hand, the shooter had pulled the Opening as a player Pixel in the League Latin americabut for personal issues he had abandoned the tournament.

Furious Gaming he opted for a complete renovation. Through a streaming in which you participated Gonzo, the CEO of the team, The Skull presented to the players who will represent both Chile as in Argentina. In the case of the League Master Flowthe renovation was complete and they hired Scrappy, Gankkkk, Nashejkz, Scenari0 and Kbstible.

The rest of the teams did not show the roster that will compete, but River Plate left clues on who will be the players that represent the whole. Nocturns Gaming, Feint Gaming and Colosseum Dragons not commented anything about their future campuses.

The Opening 2020 of the League Master Flow and the final between 9z and Noctruns Gaming came of the hand of his main sponsor-Flow and technology company national BGH. We do not yet have confirmed date for the start of the new season.