Be a member of Twitch Prime offers plenty of advantages if you like video games and, above all, you enjoy several titles simultaneously.

One of the most interesting initiatives for the streamersbecause support is given through a pact between Amazon and Twitch that are reduced to 0 cost, a subscription to the month.

League of Legendsone of the games most watched and influential in the world, it also has rewards for having Twitch Prime. Specifically, a permanent aspect totally free.

How do you get the look you free of League of Legends?

Basically, in order to receive your permanent aspect free you have to have Twitch Prime and log on to this page dedicated to Twitch Prime, and League of Legends.

Please note that you must link your account LoL with Twitch, and once you do, you will be registered and you will have your client the permanent aspect totally free.

This appearance is randomso you can have some surprises, for good or for evil. In fact, this is the first promotion of the month and, in theory, be other 2.

Rewards Twitch Prime

The offer you can only claim once and in a single account, so don’t try to link the same account to Twitch Prime in other League of Legends.

So, if you have not claimed this aspect free, do it as soon as possiblebecause when it launches the next promotion, this may not be more.

Finally, Twitch confirms that the user must be over 13 years and a valid account, and the official of League of Legends, so you’ll have to ensure that you meet these requirements.