The Closure by 2020 of the League Master Flow already has a start date. The 4 June will be held the first day of the second split of the year. Find out more details In this note!

After a tournament Opening extremely successful, the Closing of the League Master Flow already has a start date. The Thursday, 4 June will start the contest League of Legends most important of the country. As the splits above, it may be viewed through the official channels YouTube and Twitch of LVP and in the channel 601 of the Flow and will look for a classified to the playoffs for promotion to the LLA.

The 10 teams that will participate in the contest will be the same that had been in the split happened, which are: Nocturns Gaming, 9z, Undead Gaming, Isurus, Feint Gaming, Malvinas Gaming, Furious Gaming, New Indians, River Plate and Colosseum Dragons. On the other hand, this league will be nourished of players with experience, as it came Fix, Sonyky, Kindless and Filopo the different rosters.

The Closing not only will define a new champion of the League Master Flowbut that also will determine which team will have the chance to play for promotion to ascend to the League Of Latin America. This is not what will necessarily be the combo that get the first position, but is determined according to sum of points obtained on the basis of the position achieved in the two national leagues of the year. In the tournament past the most points was won Nocturns Gamingas one who became champion.

The format of play will be exactly the same as that in the Opening. Will play 18 days in the first phase in a Round-Robin format. Then the 6 best sets will go into the playoffs, while the 2 combined are left in the bottom of the table, they must play relegation. All of this will be developed from June to August.

The Closing of the Master League in Flow will of the hand of his main sponsor Flow and the company’s national technology BGH. The tournament will take place Thursday and Friday from 18:00 and can be enjoyed through the channel 601 of the Flow channels and on the official LVP of YouTube and Twitch.