During the crisis, LoL and Call of Duty: Warzone are games that the more they grow. This first quatrimestre 2020 has been a growth in hours of stream. As well as the hours invested in viewing have increased, this corresponds with a growth global audience of all the titles of the panorama.

The trend, as expected, increases with the passage of the months and reaches its peak this month of march. The number of launches during this period, in addition to the confinement by the crisis of the COVID-19 have been the trigger for this increase in hours of vision. But who takes the cat to the water?

A crisis as a generator

In a study conducted by Stream Hatchetthe resulting numbers of a follow-up week after week denotes a increase during this first quatrimestre 71%. Of course, this is a data general combined between the big titles in stream.

LoL Warzone crisis

Hours invested this first quatrimestre 2020 | Source: Stream Hatchet

There is a movement upward in the last month, as expected. The people are left at home, and that generates a greater number of visits and hours expended. In spite of this, a movement is on the rise throughout the quatrimestre, not only in march.

Warzone and LoL, leaders

LoL and Warzone appear as the most prominent during the crisis. For the first, have a total of 165 billion times displayed if we combine the main platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, Mixer, and YouTube. The constant of League of Legendsin addition to the advancement of Legends of Runeterra and the new set for Teamfight Tactics keep the mark brimming with good health.

On the other hand, Activision is the biggest growth from one month to another. The launch of the Warzone Call of Duty: Modern Warfare an increase of a 322% from February to march. There is No doubt of the success of the mode ‘battle royal’ of one of the shooters most iconic.

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