With the first seven full days, ALL League of Legends reaches the equator and the clubs are already re-envisioning their goals according to their possibilities. I see that is left of the league!


The League Latin america (ALL), League of Legends finished the first round of matches of the first phase and the teams begin to define their expectations for the remainder of the split with the renewed Single Round Robin qualifying on the horizon.

The table is located with All Knights and Infinity to the head with a 7-3, followed by Rainbow7 with 6-3, fourth Isurus 5-4, and in the sixth position Pixel 3-5. The last three positions are occupied by X-Ten 2-6, and Blue next to Furius 1-7.

Photo taken with Motorola Moto G8 plus in the micro stage of Mexico

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During the second round of the Double Round Robinwill identify the five contenders who will compete in the next phase. This next phase will be that each team is scheduled to play a match against their peers and each victory will provide two points that will be added to the already harvested in the previous stage.

The third and fourth to reach the quarterfinals of the Playoffs, while the second will wait in the semis, and the first of the classification will receive who is open step until the end.


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The competition of the opening of 2020 is the railway. In the top only three points separate them to the first four teams, who in principle would not have much difficulty to reach the next phase, but each party will give them a cushion of points for the purpose of direct removal.

Link mode Pixel and X-Ten they should work to reach the coveted fifth rank because of the difference of a point between the two. In the meantime, Blue as Furious they have to put their efforts in improving their level in the scenario, and if the results are to accompany it, still have a chance of getting to the Single Round Robin with the fair if you dare to dream.

The next phase you will be able to continue on the networks of ALL both the Twitch as a Youtube official Riot Latin america.