One of the most entertaining to the remainder of the confinement and begins the new normal is discovering and playing with apps. And if you are a user of Huawei we have a good news because from their platform AppGallery the brand offers access to a vast and varied catalog of apps and games that will make more enjoyable your time secluded at home.

To begin, you should know that your interface it is very similar to other app stores with which you’re already familiar above, has a main screen in which you recommended apps and games depending on your tastes.

At the bottom there 5 options:

– Featured. Here you will find different recommendations by Huawei cured especially for you.

– Categories. Allow you to segment the best apps depending on your tastes and needs, for example: Games, Shopping, Education, Financeamong other categories.

– Main. Shows you what the most popular apps from the store; here you’ll find the ranking of apps in general and gamesso that you know what is best received among users of the store.

– Management. From this section you can check the updates you have outstanding; the installation packages to have control over the files .apk that you have in your storage, and, in the case that the app is already installed, you can delete that file quickly.

Within this same section, we find an option called Cleaning, that serves to delete unwanted files, the cache, unnecessary data in app, uninstall apps that you don’t use, residual files and duplicates, among other options of cleaning; very recommended for your phone is maintained in optimal conditions.

– I. This section allows you to view your Giftsthat are basically promotions within different apps and games; here we also review different Prizes or Coupons that we’re winning to use the app.

It is worth noting that within this category you will be able to manage the Reviews, that we help the community to know a little more about the applications; the Wish list to save the apps you want to download in the future and the Purchase history to keep track of the apps you’ve purchased, in addition to see if you have installed or not installed.

What’s up?, did you know all that AppGallery has to offer you?

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