The League of the Quarantine has reached its end, with its chaos and communicative, in their changes of roster improvised and, above all, with what we like the most, the salseo of good vibes.

The competition, which kicked off with more enthusiasm and hype then you materalizó, it was more than fun for those who were able to presenciarla live via Twitch.

CarritosKami and his team won the competition, seizing the title to Ibai with a resounding 3-0 to the G2 Squad. In fact, the whole of the basque had problems from the first moment.

xPeke, midlaner holder of the G2 Squad, did not answer the calls nor did act of presence to 18:00 on the 24th of may, time to set the grand final. Before his absence, He summoned Werlybthat was with 0-2, and then went into the Razorkbut even with these they were able to do the reverse sweep.

The G2 Squad had to tie it at 1 in the 2nd map of the grand final, but a good comeback from the team of Kami caused the 0-2 and, hence, the low moral of Ibai and company. Yes, at all times there were good vibes and jokes for the chat.

Despite the attempt to comeback with Razork and Lee sin on the team, Kuentin, Econatorz, Ortega, Kami and Berry they took on the title of the League of Quarantine, the competition to pass the time during confinement.